Submit Results

To submit results, send us an email with the location of the results and the following information:

  • Meet Name
  • Location (City and State) and Pool if available
  • Start Date
  • Results in a Usable Format

Results Format

Results submitted in any of these formats will be loaded shortly after submission:

  • Team Manager File
  • USS SDIF/SD3 File
  • Meet Manager Backup
Submission of these actual files via email to is the fastest way to get results into the database. If you send us the website where one of these files can be found, we will do our best to get the information posted in a timely fashion.

How do I get one of these files?

The timing system operator at the meet should be able to generate one of the above file types at the end of the meet in just a few seconds. Most meet hosts often give at least one of these files to each of the teams attending after the meet. Additionally, many colleges, LSCs, and LMSCs post these files as part of their standard results packages.

How do I generate a Hy-tek Commlink file using Meet Manager?

In Meet Manager:
  1. Select the "File" menu
  2. Select "Export"
  3. Select "Results for Team Manager or SWIMS"
  4. Check the boxes for "Time Trial Events" and "Swim-off Events"
  5. Check the "Zip the .CL2 file" box
  6. Click "OK" and Meet Manager will generate the file
  7. Click "OK" again
  8. Select where you want to save the file and Click "OK"
  9. Note the file name and location in the dialog box
Now just send the CL2 file to

Why is there no answer to my question here?

Because you haven't asked for it yet! If you have any question that is not listed here, send it to We'll answer your question and post it for others to know as well. And, helping others always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.